Breathe Pool Lounge Spotlight

Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge Spotlight

Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge

You may have heard of Rehab at the Hard Rock, but there is also a new party at the Hard Rock and that is Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s nightlife and dayclub crew hinted a few years back that something big was coming, something fun, and something to complement the iconic Rehab pool party that just keeps bringing the party. Rehab is legendary, but Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge is nothing to overlook.

Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge

Awesome views of the Strip are only the beginning of this great venue. You can swim or choose not to at this pool club. They have some different food options too, so double check what they have and don’t go hungry. Signature cocktails are also available so don’t be bashful order what you please!

Many of the insiders have dubbed Breathe as sort of the more laid back version of Rehab. Let’s say it’s the more sophisticated version of the craziness that typically goes on at pool parties. Don’t get things twisted, it is a really fun time, however, it won’t give you that packed, uncomfortable that some of the bigger venues can have at times. I’ve heard so many people call it Vegas’ best-kept secret. Now think about that there are a lot of secrets in Vegas considering that the motto is, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new places. As far as alternatives to the big dayclubs like Wet Republic, Encore Dayclub, and Daylight, Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge is an amazing choice that you won’t.

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