KAOS Dayclub Spotlight

KAOS Dayclub Spotlight

Kaos Dayclub cabanas

KAOS Dayclub is a huge space, with many floors. It is roughly a 73,000 square foot dayclub that will hold thousands of people. It doesn’t just have one pool, but two premier pools, a bunch of side pools and a lot of cabanas. KAOS Dayclubs decor is a Greek theme and is unlike anything else in Las Vegas. It even has a dome cover so the party never has to stop all year long. Not every pool has this, so it definitely a cool addition.

KAOS Dayclub and their nightclub are separated by a massive retractable glass wall/door that allows clubgoers to easily move between the two spaces. Again, not every pool party has something like this so it definitely adds something to the experience. Also, the nightclub has a rotating DJ booth that allows talent to play to both indoor and outdoor crowds, it is centrally located so you’ll never miss the entertainment. The dayclub has its own main stage, so that’s where the action will take place during the day.

Also, new for 2019, the PALMS’ they will have a massive LED wall which is rumored to be the biggest in Vegas. It will be a sight to be seen for sure. So go ahead and check out the spot and cause a little KAOS. Don’t hesitate and check it out today.